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 We are committed to Fantasy Film Productions of the highest quality we can achieve. So far we are a Mother and a son and a great team of designers, photographers, illustrators, Artists, animators and other creative crafts people.

We are very passionate about what we do and we are a force to be reckoned with.

To the amazing people who want to support us:

We have made it easy for you. Just click on the donate Button at the bottom of the Crowdfunding page.  A heartfelt thank YOu!



the project

Long Ago in Gauwn  our Exciting movie project:

Co-directed by Avan and Claudia Lindemann

In the fantasy land of Gauwn trouble is brewing. King Alúz has been abducted by an evil sorceress and the king's children , Prince Avlyn (14yrs) and Princess Bethanún (15yrs), decide to take on the rescue mission themselves. While they are being pursued by the sorceress' guards, the royal children find help on the road in the person of Adhrón, a travelling warrior who proceeds to help them out of several tight spots. 

When queen Leanara hears of the disappearance of her children she goes after them herself, fearing for their safety. In her magical crystal she has seen that the sorceress Hathdíray is holding her husband, the king, captive. She fears nobody would believe her, which is why she also steals out of the castle alone. In her endeavor she is being assisted by the court's jester, Master Grastúr, who during his chequered past has formed some useful bonds of friendship, namely with a travelling circus family.

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