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Long Ago In Gauwn           (Full Feature)

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Story Line:

In the fantasy land of Gauwn trouble is brewing. King Alúz has been abducted by an evil sorceress and the king's children , Prince Avlyn (14yrs) and Princess Bethanún (15yrs), decide to take on the rescue mission themselves. While they are being pursued by the sorceress' guards, the royal children find help on the road in the person of Adhrón, a travelling warrior who proceeds to help them out of several tight spots. 

When queen Leanara hears of the disappearance of her children she goes after them herself, fearing for their safety. In her magical crystal she has seen that the sorceress Hathdíray is holding her husband, the king, captive. She fears nobody would believe her, which is why she also steals out of the castle alone. In her endeavor she is being assisted by the court's jester, Master Grastúr, who during his chequered past has formed some useful bonds of friendship, namely with a travelling circus family.

In the ensuing rescue mission they are assisted by the Travellers, three wise women and a magical creature called the Trickster. In the decisive End-battle with the sorceress the queen finally embraces her own Magical powers.

The entire production is produced and filmed in Cornwall.

Radio Interview - Avan Lindemann
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This is an interview conducted on BBC Radio with Avan Lindemann. He explains about his ambitions for 'Long Ago in Gauwn'.

  • King Alúz - Edward Gerber

  • Queen Leanara - claudia Lindemann

  • Prince Avlyn - Avan Lindemann

  • Princess Bethanún - Cara Jackson

  • Sorceress Hathdíray - Jacqui Orly

  • Adhrón - Paul Carter

  • Master Grastúr - Pep Mogas

  • Trickster - George Steven

  • Mistress Conray - Izzy Ratcliffe

  • Omaya - Joshua Chamada Kanagaraj

  • Crone (wise woman) - Virginia Barker

  • Mother (Wise woman) - Athene roberts

  • Maiden (wise woman) - Sam Hawkins

  • Master Fjorden - Tom Hawkins

  • Maid Danwen - Jeni Whittaker

  • Basgon - John broom

  • Sir Bergamon - Pete Minall

  • Delcannon (Head Mercenaries) - Harrison Hayward-Gore 

  • Mehmud - Alex Mason

  • Piromer - Piran glasby

  • Direction: Avan and Claudia Lindemann

  • Head of Cinematography: Avan Lindemann

  • Music: Avan Lindemann

  • Screenplay: Claudia Lindemann

  • Costumes and Design: Claudia Lindemann

  • Fight choreographies: Avan Lindemann

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